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Our Story

Santosha Wellness is a children's wellness center located in Kalamazoo. We opened our doors in October 2017 and are excited to be a part of the wellness community. The owner, Rebecca Hernandez, saw a need in the community for a wellness center that focused on the specific needs of children, from birth to 18. So an idea that started in her journal became a reality and she has been passionately building her team and serving the Kalamazoo community since! Santosha Wellness provides a wide variety of services, including pediatric occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling services, yoga classes, adaptive fitness programs, social skills groups, and infant play groups. The goal is to provide families the opportunity to choose what program is best suited for their needs. And as children change, so do their needs, so Santosha is there for the long haul, allowing access to programs as children grow, develop, and change. Santosha Wellness views each child that comes through their doors with a whole-body approach, meaning each child is seen as a unique individual. We work with families of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds in order to ensure that every child has access to the services they need. Our staff works also works very closely with everyone involved in each child’s care, including family, caregivers, teachers, and medical professionals in order to ensure the best possible care.

What Does "Santosha" Mean?

Santosha is an ancient sanskrit word that means contentment and satisfaction; accepting one’s circumstances as they are and, then and only then, moving forward towards the future. “Santosha is rooted in the desire to avoid anything negative to self, to others, to all living beings and to nature. It is not the state of abandonment or being without any needs, rather the state of neither taking too much nor taking less than what one needs, one of contented optimism." 

So when it came to choosing a name for the business, owner Rebecca could not think of a better word to describe her wellness center's mission and goals. We want to work with children and families of all backgrounds and accept them where they are at. Everyone has something to improve or work on of course, but we believe that all those who come to us must first start by accepting where ever they are, and know that they are enough and that they are worthy just as they are, regardless of what changes or improvements may happen as they move forward with us. 

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