Yoga Program


Toddler Yoga

Our Toddler Yoga class is a fun, movement based yoga class for kids ages 2-4 years old. We dance, move, play games, and more, all while learning yoga poses and breath control. We also always welcome parents to join in on the fun!

Upcoming Classes:

TBD - classes to re-start in October 2019


$10 per child


Kids Yoga

Our Kids Yoga class are for kids ages 4-6 and 7-9, of all abilities -- both typically developing and children with special needs. We structure a fun class through music and story telling, where kids learn yoga poses and do a variety of yoga-based games --- And we always end with a mindfulness-based activity. 

Kids I (ages 4-6)

TBD - classes to re-start in October 2019 

Kids I (ages 7-9)

TBD - classes to re-start in October 2019 


Pre-Teen/Teens Yoga

Our Teens Yoga program is a supportive community where we focus on learning the foundations of yoga and mindfulness while covering topics such as self-esteem, friendship, and confidence.  

Pre-Teen (ages 10-12)


Teen (ages 13-18)



Yoga for Autism

This class is specifically designed for children who have Autism. The class is led by a trained yoga instructor who has additional training to work with this population. The class will focus on teaching yoga movements while also supporting social skills and regulation. 

Class ages and dates TBD this Fall! 


Baby and Me Yoga

This class is designed for parents / caregivers and their little ones to move through various yoga poses together. Each pose will facilitate bonding, motor development, and mindfulness while also encouraging a community of parents and caregivers. 

Class ages and dates TBD this Fall!