Play and Grow Classes

What is it?

Are you a first time parent looking to create a network of support that can help you navigate the constantly changing landscape of parenthood and baby development? 

Are you a nanny looking for a fun, engaging activity for the baby you are caring for? 

Are you a foster or adoptive parent looking for ways to bolster the bond with your child? 

Then this class is for you! We welcome all - moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, nannies, anyone caring for a little one- to join us for this class where we help you engage with your little one, learn about development, and create community with others. 

Our Play & Grow program is a 6-week series that supports parents in understanding their child's development and unique needs while also building community with other parents and taking time to slow down and be mindful. We discuss a variety of topics, including sleep, feeding, gas/colic, tummy time, and developmental milestones. 

Classes are organized into three levels: 

- Level 1: birth to 6 months / pre-crawling

- Level 2: 7 to 12 months / pre-walking

- Level 3: 12 to 18 months / walking 

Each class follows a similar structure, outlined below:

  • Mindfulness Opening
  • Welcome Song 
  • Introductions / Check in 
  • Warm Up Massage 
  • Topic of Discussion 
  • Movement / Yoga / Dance
  • Mindfulness Closing 
  • Social Connections / Coffee and Tea 

We are passionate about helping parents and caregivers, supporting them through their unique journey of raising little ones. This series is led by Rebecca Hernandez, a pediatric occupational therapist with additional training in infant development, kids yoga, infant massage education, and more. Follow this link to learn more about her:

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Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic


We will be offering weekly classes online starting the week of 5/25 - following the "Click to Register" link below for details!

Summer I 2020: on hold during COVID-19 pandemic


Summer II 2020: on hold during COVID-19 pandemic


Fall 2020: September 15, 22, 29, October 6, 13, 20 


Special one-time classes will be scheduled in November and December